Multifunction Grille 375 x 375

Description: The VILPE Multifunction Grille works as a ventilation grille for different types of spaces, and can also be used as an intake or exhaust vent for mechanical ventilation systems. If the product is to be used as a ventilation grille in a natural ventilation system, it is ready for use as it is. In a mechanical ventilation arrangement, an intake or exhaust air duct can be attached to the product–in this case, a duct fitting plate is required in addition to the vent. The ventilation grille can also be fitted with an insect net, which is supplied as an accessory, and it can be opened and locked for cleaning with an easy lock mechanism. The unique airflow design of the Multifunction Grille results in a large cross-sectional area in both directions of flow and good water/snow shedding properties. The pressure loss of the new Multifunction Grille is the smallest of any on the market for both intake and exhaust air. Effective area 517 cm2. When used in a mechanical ventilation system, a Ø 200, 250 or 315 mm duct fitting plate is required.

Dimensions: 375 x 375 mm.

Contents: Multifunction grille, 6 mm plugs, screws.

Light Grey
Product number793340
LVI Code8832010
EAN Code6410457933402
Color White | RR20
Weight Gross: 1.041kg, Net: 0.973kg
Product number793341
LVI Code8832011
EAN Code6410457933419
Color Beige | RR30
Weight Gross: 1.036kg, Net: 0.968kg
Product number793343
LVI Code8832012
EAN Code6410457933433
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 1.078kg, Net: 1.01kg
Product number793347
LVI Code8832013
EAN Code6410457933471
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 1.078kg, Net: 1.01kg
Product number793348
LVI Code8832014
EAN Code6410457933488
Color Red | RR29 | RAL3009
Weight Gross: 1.078kg, Net: 1.01kg
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