Construction commences on VILPE’s new facility in Vantaa

VILPE has started the construction of their new energy-efficient office and warehouse space in Vantaa. The foundational work is largely complete, and the installation of concrete elements and wall panels has begun. The construction project is progressing in three separate parts. The facility will feature office space on four different floors, a warehouse space, and a separate area for the construction company to lease. Priority is given to the office section, as this area requires the most time for interior work.

“So far, everything has progressed as expected; it is on time, and it looks good. The construction company JHM-Invest knows what they are doing. It is also a good time to build since there is no shortage of materials or manpower, and there are no hassles when it comes to delivery dates – unlike the challenges experienced in recent years”, says Tuomas Saikkonen, CEO of VILPE, who has visited the construction site several times over the past few months.

Construction progress at the Vantaa facility in early May 2024.

Roofing installation scheduled for summer

The roofing work will commence this summer and will include the installation of a solar energy power plant, a green roofing system, and the VILPE Sense Smart System. Saikkonen says an important part of the project is to have scientific proof that the building has low emissions and is being built according to VILPE’s values, of which environmental friendliness is a significant part.  

“I am pleased that we opted for the BREAAM study; we found many action points that we needed to address. We set it as our goal to complete all of those to achieve BREEAM Excellent certification, which we are confident we will reach”, says Saikkonen and hopes that more companies will apply for these standards in the future. 

Construction progress at the Vantaa facility in late May 2024.

New facility will enhance employment, innovation and service

The new facility aims to expand VILPE’s sales operations within the Finnish capital region, thereby generating new job opportunities, particularly in project-oriented sales roles. Innovative product development within smart products is also essential; VILPE wants to monitor the whole building envelope, including crawl spaces, facades, and roofing. This requires skilled professionals in software product development to join the VILPE team.

Sales and product development are two major focuses on the new site, but VILPE also aims to improve logistics. The vision is to make the new site a hub for flat-roofing specialists, as the focus in Vantaa office and warehouse will be on low-pitched roofing.

“Our market survey showed that the options for low-pitched roofing professionals in the capital region have been limited in several product categories. We see this as a major opportunity to develop our service and product offering in the capital region where we have operated from a small location for over 40 years. Project based customization is a further area where we believe that we can bring added value to our local partners”, says Saikkonen.