This is how we use TikTok to raise money for charity

Money for charity was raised by playing Dungeons and Dragons with VILPE’s Maria Erikslund, Tuomas Saikkonen and Kirill Osipov & Ville Hellström (upper left corner).

TikTok is so much more than just dance videos: VILPE, a company manufacturing ventilation and roofing products, used the social media channel to raise money for the Hope association.

In the heart of the charity event was a TikTok live stream where four members of VILPE personnel played the board game Dungeons and Dragons.

“We wanted to try a new way of working for a charity. Dungeons and Dragons live streams raising money for charity have been really popular abroad and I wanted to introduce this concept in Finland”, VILPE’s CEO Tuomas Saikkonen says.

Saikkonen was also one of the players in the live stream. In addition to raising money, the other goal was to impact the employer brand and present the work community.

“The work community is so much more than one could think. We have several enthusiastic Dungeons and Dragon players, and we have often played together after the workday”, Saikkonen says.

Helping families with children

Started in August 2021, VILPE’s TikTok account is one of the biggest company TikTok accounts in Finland. It has over 80 000 followers.

The idea behind the live stream was to get the viewers to donate by buying T-shirts, hoodies and mugs designed by VILPE. The 300-euro profit from the sales was donated to charity. Some of the viewers donated directly to Hope association. VILPE also made a promise to donate 10 000 euros to charity during the live stream.

The live stream provided visibility to Hope which is one of VILPE’s long-time partners.

“Usually, we have made donations right before Christmas. Several families need help because of the inflation and increased energy prizes and this is the reason we chose to donate now”, Saikkonen says.

The live stream was held September 1st. The five-hour live-stream reached 8515 TikTok viewers. It was also possible to watch it on Twitch streaming service where it had 894 viewers.