VILPE is one of Ahlsell’s oldest partners

Ahlsell warehouse in Hyvinkää. Photos by Ahsell.

One of the earliest partners of SK Tuote was a company called Suomen LVI-tukku (Finnish HVAC wholesale). Over the years, both companies have been renamed but the cooperation between VILPE and Ahlsell has continued.

According to Risto Ruhanen, Ahlsell’s Product Group Manager, VILPE is one of Ahlsell’s oldest partners in the ventilation business.

“VILPE is an important and reliable partner. Ahlsell keeps its finger on the pulse of industry and takes new VILPE products to the assortment. On our web shop there are nearly 700 VILPE products, says Rutanen.

One of the cooperation forms is VILPE’s product training for Ahlsell staff both online and in person in the stores. Product training is a key factor to successful professional customer service.

“We have nearly 400 people working in wholesale and in stores around Finland. Our sales staff can offer our customers all products in the Ahlsell warehouse selection – this means over 60 000 different products including for example VILPE products”, Rutanen says.

Ahlsell operates in four branches: the largest one is heat and water. The second largest group is products for ventilation and refrigeration. The other branches are industry and electricity.

Delivery reliability and cooperation are success factors

Risto Rutanen, Ahlsell.

One success factor for Ahlsell is reliable delivery. Customers can order products from a web shop or a sales person and have it delivered to the construction site or pick it up in one of Ahlsell’s 33 stores in Finland the following day. Ahlsell’s customers are resales and both small & large HVAC contractors.

The other success factor is their way of operation.

“We have a long-time cooperation with our partners. We are also a respectful and reliable partner to our suppliers and customers”, Rutanen says.

Rutanen has worked in the HVAC business for 35 years. Last years have been very exceptional due to the shortage of raw material and components. The other reason is of course the covid pandemic.

“We try to prepare by increasing the number of products in the warehouse in Hyvinkää”, he tells.

Founded in 1877, Ahlsell is a Nordic technical whole sale corporation. Rutanen praises the company’s ventilation team, describing the work atmosphere as cosy with professional colleagues with a good sense of humour. This ensures the best result. The company will continue its planned growth both organically and by buyouts.