A smart roof is an intelligent solution for the maintenance of public buildings

Sense kutsu lanseeraukseen

The longer a leaking roof or inefficient ventilation causes moisture damage, the higher the risk of major repairs.

Real estate is an important municipal asset, and serves as the work and study environment for many people. Maintaining buildings is essential both to save resources and to ensure people’s wellbeing.

‘Municipalities are interested in intelligent maintenance. But I would still like to see more active monitoring of the condition of buildings, so that leaks are not detected only when water comes through the roof and instead of, in the worst case, simply moving a bucket under the new leak,’ says Veli-Pekka Lahti, Director of Research and Development at VILPE.

Problems with ventilation in structures are difficult to detect. The longer a leaking roof or inefficient ventilation causes moisture damage, the higher the risk of major repairs, indoor air problems or loss of use.

maailman älykkäin katto

With a smart roof, automation helps to optimize ventilation. Monitoring and data help to catch anomalies, find hidden faults and anticipate maintenance. A structural moisture management system is a necessary part of responsible construction and building maintenance. Property owners, property managers, maintenance companies and users can also benefit from the unbiased data collected by the smart roof on the condition of a building’s roof and lower levels.

‘With a smart roof, ventilation is based on data collected by sensors about the state of the environment, after which the control devices calculate when and when not to ventilate. The VILPE Sense system automatically increases ventilation when there is moisture in the structure or space, and reduces airflow during rainfall when the humidity of the air used for ventilation rises too high,’ Lahti says.

Carefree humidity management

The VILPE Sense smart roof helps both detect and prevent moisture damage by measuring the relative humidity and temperature of structures such as the building’s roof and underfloor. Automatic alarms make maintenance easier, as the system will alert you immediately if anything abnormal occurs. The user can set the alarm limits themselves, so no time is wasted monitoring the system during busy working days.

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