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Vilpe ECo Ideal Wireless

What is demand-controlled ventilation?

Demand-controlled ventilation is a system that maintains air quality in the desired level automatically, without human interference during the operation. The system automatically adjusts the required ventilation according to the prevailing air quality. Wireless sensors measure the relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air and send this information wirelessly to the control unit. The level of ventilation is then adjusted to secure good air quality without using excess energy.

Why choose the Vilpe® ECo Ideal Wireless for demand-controlled ventilation?

The VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless offers a cost-efficient solution with a short payback time compared to more complex ventilation solutions. The overall cost of the VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless is up to 70 per cent lower than the cost of a complete heat recovery (HVAC) installation. VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless is quick and easy to retrofit. The wireless communication solution minimises the need for wiring. If there are ducts already in place, the installation doesn’t require building new ducts, i.e. all existing structures can remain as they are. Existing ducting or ventilation chimneys can also be utilised. Watch this video to learn more about the VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless system.

Usage: Renovation sites and new buildings

Whether you are renovating or building from scratch, the demand-controlled and energy-saving VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless is an excellent choice for an easy and budget-friendly implementation for your ventilation needs. VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless system is an ideal solution if you wish to convert an existing natural ventilation system to a mechanical ventilation system. VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless is also an easy and affordable way to turn a mechanical ventilation system into a demand-controlled ventilation system that saves energy and money. VILPE® ECo Ideal Wireless is well-suited for both old and new buildings. It also offers a good solution for ventilation of warehouses and garages.

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