Description: Several varieties of washer available:

The LSK Ø 60 mm Washer should be used to attach light insulation panels to (for example) a wall.

The Y40-PA Ø 40 mm Black Polyamide (nylon) Washer should be used to fasten single-ply roof covering to a fix-layer made of concrete or wood.

The Y40-PP Ø 40 mm Washer should be used to fasten insulation or acoustic panels.

The ZN washer is made of galvanized sheet metal.

Contents: Washer.

LSK-Gray 60 mm
PA-Black 40 mm
PP-Gray 40 mm
ZN 40 mm
ZN 50 mm
ModelLSK-Gray 60 mm
Product number20001
EAN Code6417323200019
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.004kg, Net: 0.003kg
ModelPA-Black 40 mm
Product number01005
EAN Code6417323010052
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 0.004kg, Net: 0.004kg
ModelPP-Gray 40 mm
Product number010047
EAN Code6410450100474
Color Light Grey
Weight Gross: 0.003kg, Net: 0.003kg
ModelZN 40 mm
Product number9546024
EAN Code6417323850757
Weight Gross: 0.01kg, Net: 0.01kg
ModelZN 50 mm
Product number9546025
EAN Code6417323850764
Weight Gross: 0.015kg, Net: 0.015kg
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Product categories: Fasteners, Other