Tall Vapour Barrier Seal

Description: Tall vapour barrier seal for pipes installed through the vapour barrier on an inclined or low-pitched roof. The weather- and ozone-resistant properties of EPDM rubber are the best possible, and it can endure continuous heat stress of +90°C (and intermittently up to +150°C). EPDM rubber also tolerates the acids and alkalis often found in the air in industrial areas. Should be installed with bitumen if a roof’s vapour barrier is made of bitumen, and with a board made of hard material on top of the vapour barrier valve if a roof’s underlay material is made of profiled sheet metal. Pass-through seals are recommended to use on flat roofs (< 11,5° slope). Dimensions: Height 133 mm. Contents: Vapour barrier seal.

Ø 110 mm
ModelØ 110 mm
Product number71212
LVI Code7814308
EAN Code6417323712123
Weight Gross: 0.611kg, Net: 0.53kg
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