Round Chimney Pass-Through No.1

Description: Designed for passing prefabricated round, metal, insulated chimneys with an outer diameter of 200-265 mm through a roof. Installed on roofs with pitches Ø 200 10-50°, Ø 265 10-40°. A rubber gasket and a fastener are provided for attachment to the plastic Chimney Pass-Through plate. VILPE Chimney Pass-Throughs have been tested for fire safety and certified by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Chimney pass-throughs must be installed on roofing according to VILPE’s installation instructions. Other technical details, such as safety distance to burning material, are provided by the chimney seller.

Contents: Pass-through, rubber seal & clamp, design & installation manual.

Brick Red
Product number741022
LVI Code5086112
EAN Code6410457410224
Color Black | RR33 | RAL9005
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
Product number741027
LVI Code5086115
EAN Code6410457410279
Color Grey | RR23 | RAL7015
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
Product number741024
LVI Code5086113
EAN Code6410457410248
Color Brown | RR32
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
Product number741026
LVI Code5086114
EAN Code6410457410262
Color Green | RR11
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
Product number741028
LVI Code5086116
EAN Code6410457410286
Color Red | RR29 | RAL3009
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
Product number741029
LVI Code5086117
EAN Code6410457410293
Color Brick Red | RR750 | RAL8004
Weight Gross: 3.84kg, Net: 2.94kg
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