Increases in raw material costs will affect VILPE product prices


During the last months, the raw material costs for plastic and metal have risen exceptionally fast and high. This rise has increased our manufacturing costs and therefore, we are forced to raise our prices by 8 percent starting July 1st, 2021. This price increase will affect all of our products, enabling us to still keep the price increase moderate across the assortment and avoid high price increases for certain product families.

We wanted to let you know about the situation well in advance in order for you to prepare and adjust before the price increase in July, for instance by ordering products to the current price level for your warehouse replenishment.

For the time being, the product delivery schedules have remained normal and the decreased supply of raw material has not affected our production. However, we follow the situation closely and will inform you immediately in case of any changes in delivery times.

I hope that informing you about price increases early on will give you enough time to take possible actions to ease the harm that this might cause you.

If you have any questions, your local sales manager will be happy to assist you.