A smart system for humidity control



The VILPE Sense system is based upon the latest IoT-technology and combines two functions – humidity monitoring and humidity damage prevention. The system will find and alert you to even the smallest hard-to-find leaks, so that these can be fixed before they grow into bigger and more expensive problems. The VILPE Sense system also dries the insulation layer when necessary: for instance, after rain or during humid autumns that can cause humidity damages even though there are no leakages in the roof.

The VILPE Sense basic kit consists of two sensors and a control unit which are linked to an energy-efficient ECo Roof fan. One sensor monitors the temperature and relative humidity in the insulation layer, whilst the other measures that of the outdoor air. The system can be installed under pressure ventilation pipes so that the structures remain intact. The data is sent to the control unit and ends up on the VILPE cloud service, where it is analysed. If the system detects excess humidity in the insulation layer, the roof fan is automatically activated to work at a higher speed until the structure is dry.

Through the VILPE Sense application, the condition of your building can be checked at any time, and the system will automatically alert you in cases of potential leakage. This data can also be safely exported to any complete home automation system.