A wall element or pipes through the roof? These are the things to consider when selecting the right ventilation solution.

Building experts recommend mechanical supply air and exhaust air ventilation to secure fresh indoor air that is healthy for both the house and its inhabitants. This means that you take in fresh outdoor air, either through vents in the wall or through intake pipes on the roof. At the same time, dirty exhaust air is blown out either through pipes through the roof or with a wall element on the exterior wall. Currently, the market offers several ventilation solutions, such as wall elements where the same product can take in fresh outdoor air and blow out dirty exhaust air.  

It can be challenging to know when to use an exhaust pipe through the wall and when to use a wall element. Here, we have listed the pros and cons with both solutions.


An exhaust pipe on the roof is always the safest option  

An exhaust pipe, blowing out the dirty exhaust air through the roof, fits most buildings. Exhaust pipes through the roof have several advantages in comparison with wall elements.

  • The exhaust pipe blows the dirty air far away from yards and sidewalks. Therefore, smoke and smells from the apartments do not cause any inconvenience to other house inhabitants or people outside.  
  • There is no risk that the intake and exhaust air mix.  
  • Pipes on the roof are often not as visible in comparison to wall elements. Therefore, they do not impact the visual look of the building to the same extent than wall elements.   
  • Dust and other dirt typically accumulate on the wall element and this dirt can eventually flow down the façade. This problem is avoided when using exhaust pipes.  

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Wall elements require careful planning  

A skillful planner can make sure to maximize the benefits of a wall element. The suitability of a wall element varies from case to case and it is important to carefully investigate whether a wall element really is the best solution for a building. The wall element must be used together with a ventilation unit.  

One of the benefits of a wall element is that there is no need to build long ventilation channels through the building and roof. In some cases, this might free more living space to the apartments which is especially useful in small city apartments. Another benefit is that the ventilation unit might work more effectively. However, a skillful planner can maximize the living space and ventilation unit effect also in cases where exhaust pipes are used.  


Select a wall element of best possible quality 

If the ventilation is done with a wall element, there is a risk that the fresh outdoor and the dirty exhaust air get mixed. Therefore, it is paramount to make sure that one selects a good quality wall element. VILPE IO wall element is designed in a manner that minimizes the risk that the two air flows mix. Also, the most common wall element problems have been solved, such as, the design of the product ensures that rain water flows straight on the ground and not on the façade.   

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