Roofing experts estimate that half of all buildings are subject to roof repairs before the end of the roof’s lifetime. Moisture damage tends to go undetected until it is too late: water has already penetrated the structure of the roof, leading to costly renovations. On a roof of thousands of square metres, merely locating a leak is a challenge. The system can monitor both roofs and walls.

How moisture damage on roofs arises and how it can be prevented

Insurance claims uncertain for roof repairs

What the VILPE Sense Leak Detector does for you

Locate possible leakages quickly and accurately. When the system alerts you to a potential leak, you can locate the problem area on the roof right away on a humidity map. At this stage, there is no need for a person on the roof to locate the problem.

Prevent leakages and humidity problems at an early stage. The damage can be fixed as soon as it occurs.

Constant roof monitoring. The condition of the roof is not monitored by irregular roofing inspections; instead, the roof is monitored 24/7.

Easier maintenance. The system facilitates roof inspections as it makes the opening of roof structures unnecessary. Repairs can be directed immediately to the right spot, making them cheaper and faster to implement.

Monitor large areas. The system locates the leakage quickly, which makes it particularly useful for larger roofs of thousands of square meters.

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How it works


The system consists of sensors that are placed in the insulation layer and registered. You also need a picture or map of the monitored area. During the installation phase, you will mark the sensors on the map. This will help you locate potential leaks.


The system requires a VILPE Sense Mobile Base Station installed in the roof structures or indoors. The Mobile Base Station receives data from the sensors and uploads this data directly to the cloud service.


The system monitors the area and alarms you when it detects heightened humidity levels. The potential leak is easy to locate from the humidity map on the VILPE Sense cloud service.

What do I need?

VILPE Sense Leak Detector

We recommend to use 10 sensors to cover an area of approximately 200 m2. This means that the distance between the two sensors is about 4–5 meter. However, the shorter the distance between the sensors, the more accurate the data provided. If an area needs closer monitoring or it is prone to leakages, we recommend placing more sensors here.

VILPE Sense Mobile Base Station

The Mobile Base Station can be purchased with or without a preinstalled SIM card with a data service subscription.

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Use together with the VILPE Sense Humidity Control for optimal monitoring

A building owner can avoid unexpected and expensive renovations when VILPE Sense monitors the building condition. The VILPE Sense product family consists of two solutions: the VILPE Sense Leak Detector and the VILPE Sense Humidity Control.

The VILPE Sense Humidity Control ventilates the structures on demand, whereas the VILPE Sense Leak Detector locates leaks. The two systems can be used separately or together. For example, the Humidity Control can ventilate a certain roof area while the Leak Detector monitors the rest of the roof area to detect leakages.

VILPE Sense Leak Detector VILPE Sense Humidity Control
  • Detects and locates leakages
  • Ventilates structures by removing moisture on demand
  • Improves passive ventilation system in structures
  • Saves energy by removing excess heat from structures when the weather is hot
Usage examples
  • Locating and detecting leakages
  • Roof monitoring
  • Buildings that need improved structural ventilation
  • Removes excess humidity
  • Dries the insulation layer
Where to use it?
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Roof structures
  • Crawl spaces
VILPE Sense products
  • VILPE Sense sensors
  • VILPE Sense roof fan
  • VILPE Sense control unit
  • VILPE Sense sensors

VILPE Sense Humidity Control for roof and wall structures

VILPE Sense Humidity Control for crawl spaces

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