This warranty is an additional benefit granted by VILPE Oy (hereinafter ‘VILPE’) to its customer (hereinafter ‘the Customer’, ‘the Purchaser’).

VILPE issues a warranty for the products it delivers (hereinafter ‘the Product’, ‘the Products’) under the terms and conditions set out below:


The technical warranty covers the technical functionality of the Product for the purpose for which the Product is intended, as indicated in its installation, operating and maintenance instructions. Thus, the warranty covers the tightness of pass-throughs, flow qualities, insulation and mechanical durability of exhaust pipes. VILPE does not issue any warranty for the suitability of the Product for use in special circumstances outside of its specified usage purposes.

The aesthetic warranty shall apply to Product deformations, major cracks extending through the Product and any major changes in the Product’s plastic parts under conditions where the surface of the Product is subjected to a steady environmental or climatic effect (such as sunlight). This warranty does not cover normal discolouration, or colour changes or corrosion damage in motors, electrical parts, sealants, sheet metal parts, screws or seals.

Warranty period

The aesthetic warranty period of VILPE® pass-throughs, exhaust and ventilation pipes and structures, ventilation accessories and fastenings is ten (10) years, and the technical warranty period is twenty (20) years. VILPE also provides Wive intake vents with a ten (10) year warranty. The warranty does not cover parts which are expected to undergo wear during normal use, or are meant to be replaced. The warranty period for the motors and electrical parts of VILPE® roof fans is two (2) years. The warranty period begins from the Product delivery date, which is stated on the Product receipt.

Terms and limitations of the warranty

This warranty remains in force provided the following conditions are met:

  • The Product is used for the purpose defined by VILPE.
  • The Product has been installed, used and maintained in accordance with its installation, operating and maintenance instructions.
  • VILPE® ventilation terminals should always be installed and used with VILPE® pass-throughs in cases where the ventilation terminal requires a pass-through.
  • The Product has been used under normal conditions.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by natural catastrophes, environmental catastrophes, exceptionally high contamination levels, fire, accidents, radiation or other causes which are beyond VILPE’s scope of influence.
  • The Purchaser will have the right of ownership of a Product subjected to the warranty procedure.

This warranty does not cover faults caused by the following:

  • Installation, use or maintenance of the Product contrary to the installation, operating and maintenance instructions, or other neglect of the installation, operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Chemical reactions between the Product and other structural elements, or due to constant exposure to impurities.
  • Careless, improper transportation, storage or handling at a worksite or during installation.
  • Third-party products (in the case of faults in electrical parts or other mechanical parts).
  • A different manufacturer’s pass-through or ventilation terminal equipment used together with a VILPE® product.
  • Normal wear and tear of the Product which impairs its use.
  • Water condensing inside pipes or the fan parts of roof fans, or other impurities inside the duct.
  • Use of the Product with an entirely unsuitable electrical system (e.g. in the United States). 

Warranty procedure

The purchaser must present all warranty claims to VILPE within one (1) month from the detection of the fault or from the point in time when the fault should have been detected. The claim must include the name, address and telephone number of the Purchaser according to the warranty, the date of purchase of the Product and a copy of the receipt, a sufficiently broad and accurate description of the fault, and the point in time when the fault was initially detected. The VILPE product number must be stated on the receipt. Claims must be sent to VILPE in writing.

VILPE is entitled to repair the fault or replace the faulty Product according to its own discretion.

In cases of reclamations of Wive products, VILPE will send the Customer a new product or thermostat. VILPE will not perform any on-the-spot work or servicing for any parts of Wive products.

VILPE is entitled to request that the Purchaser returns the faulty Product to a location agreed upon by VILPE and the Purchaser, or to inspect the faulty Product, its installation and conditions of use (or to have these inspected) at the Product installation site.

In the case of a complaint, VILPE will pay any freight costs arising from the delivery of the faulty Product to an office agreed upon by VILPE and the Purchaser.

In the case of warranty-related repairs, VILPE will cover all repair costs provided the following conditions are met:

  • The faulty parts have been delivered to a service technician authorised by VILPE or to the service technician’s representative, as agreed upon by VILPE and the Purchaser.
  • Repairs will be started and performed during regular office hours. The authorised service technician will be entitled to charge the Purchaser for any additional costs arising from urgent repairs or repairs performed outside regular office hours.
  • Travel to and from the location at which repairs must be performed can take place either by car or by regularly scheduled public transport (excluding water, air and snow vehicles).
  • Access to the Product in need of repairs or maintenance is safe. This is ensured, for example, through the provision of necessary ladders and/or roof bridges on a roof.

VILPE is not responsible for any costs arising from the return, repair or replacement of a Product which has not been installed, used or maintained in accordance with its installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

The repair of the Product or its replacement with another product does not extend the original warranty period.

General terms and conditions

This warranty is an additional benefit granted by VILPE to the Purchaser and does not affect statutory consumer rights.

Matters concerning this warranty shall be handled and interpreted according to Finnish law.

This warranty replaces all other warranties within the scope defined in this document, including both expressed and implied warranties.

This warranty does not cover any indirect losses or damage incurred by the Purchaser due to a fault in the Product, or any losses or damage incurred by third parties.

The warranty expressed in the above terms and conditions shall apply to Products purchased by the Purchaser from VILPE and manufactured on 1 January 2013 or thereafter. The date of manufacture of the Product is indicated in the date code marked on the Product.