The adjustable reduction piece and fast installation made Olli Kauppila choose VILPE IO for his multi-apartment project in Oulu


The company Oulun Rakennusteho is currently building three multi-apartment houses in Oulu, Finland. Over hundred wall elements will be installed on the walls of the houses, one wall element per apartment. In every apartment there is a ventilation unit, to which the VILPE IO wall element takes in fresh outdoor air and through which polluted air is lead out.   

The project manager Olli Kauppila chose VILPE IO because its technical properties outperform other similar products on the marketplace. The VILPE IO wall element is also suitable for both left- and right-sided intake and exhaust air solutions.

-  An important criterion was that the product is easy to install. The installer installed one wall element in just a few minutes, says Kauppila.


"The quality of the products is great and the colour is long-lasting"

VILPE IO diffuses nicely into the brick wall of the houses. This is very important, especially when several wall elements are used on the wall.

- The product looks good and is barely noticeable on the wall, says Olli Kauppila.

Planners need to carefully consider, case by case, the suitability of a wall element for ventilation. The wall element was deemed suitable for this object, as the effectiveness of the ventilation unit is better than when long channels have to be built to roof. Also, the wall element was considered cost-effective as the living space of the apartments could be efficiently utilized.

Olli Kauppila have positive experiences of the VILPE products.

- The VILPE products are always a safe choice. The quality of the products is great and the colour is long-lasting. The product range is wide and there are products for all channel sizes, says Kauppila.



Information about the building

  • As Oy Kiulukankaan Terva, Oulu (estimated time when ready 9/2019)
  • Builder: Oulun Rakennusteho Oy
  • Planner: Oulun Rakennusteho Oy and VVS-toimisto Meskanen
  • Product: VILPE IO 125 wall element
  • Object: three multi-apartment houses, 4 floors and elevator
  • Roof and building material: felt through and brick

photos:VILPE & Oulun Rakennusteho
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