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Choose the right controller for your VILPE roof fan

There are several alternatives available when choosing a controller for your roof fan. You should select your controller according to the type of roof fan you have and to what purpose you plan to use the fan. You are also responsible to make sure that the product is compatible with the electricity system of the country where the product will be used.


VILPE ECo roof fans with electronically communicated (EC) motors

Automatic control system VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless

The easiest choice is to let automatic system control the ventilation. VILPE ECo Ideal Wireless system adjusts the required ventilation according to the prevailing air quality. Wireless sensors measure the relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air and send this information wirelessly to the control unit. Roof fan’s effectiveness is then adjusted to secure good air quality without using excess energy. Read more

VILPE ECo Controller 0–10 V

The product is for manual control of the rotation speed of the VILPE ECo roof fans. The splash proof ECo Controller is suited for both flush and surface mounting.

Please note that led controllers are not suitable for controlling ECo roof fans.

Motorless cooker hood for EC roof fans

Roof fan and a motorless cooker hood will remove smells and moisture effectively from the kitchen. Kitchen will be free from annoying noise coming from the cooker hood.


automaattinen ohjausjärjestelmä huippuimurille

ECo Ideal Wireless will automatically control ventilation. 

Controlling of roof fans

VILPE ECo Monitor Drive controller controls the rotation speed of the VILPE roof fan motors. This product can monitor the rotation speed signals from 1–5 roof fans. 

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VILPE ECo Monitor

Regulating and adjusting roof fan effectiveness

When a ventilation hatch is closed or opened in a single apartment, the air flow pressure and air speed in the ventilation duct changes. This change affects the ventilation efficiency in the whole building. With the VILPE pressure controller, the pressure changes are detected and the effectiveness of the roof fan will be adjusted. This will keep the pressure in the ventilation duct consistent and consequently the air flow in the building will remain constant. Moreover, the pressure controller can be used for creating under-pressure in specific parts of a building.


VILPE Pressure controller 24 V 

VILPE E roof fans with AC (alternative current) motors can be controlled with a cooker hood suitable for AC roof fans or with VILPE controller. VILPE Controller 2299 AG has surface mounting and VILPE Controller 2299 UCJ has flush mounting.