Product launch: The VILPE Pressure controller 24 V regulates roof fan effectiveness

The VILPE Pressure controller 24 V carefully measures the air flow pressure in the ventilation duct. When the system detects pressure change, it automatically adjusts the effect of the roof fan. Therefore, it ensures that the duct pressure remains constant.

When a ventilation hatch is closed or opened in a single apartment, the air flow pressure and air speed in the ventilation duct changes. This change affects the ventilation efficiency in the whole building. With the VILPE pressure controller, the pressure changes are detected and the effectiveness of the roof fan will be adjusted. This will keep the pressure in the ventilation duct consistent and consequently the air flow in the building will remain constant. Moreover, the pressure controller can be used for creating under-pressure in specific parts of a building.

The integrated pressure detector is temperature compensated to ensure measurement accuracy. The pressure change is presented with an accuracy of 1 Pa. The VILPE Pressure controller is compatible with EC roof fans.