Information about Covid-19 

COVID-19 update: VILPE deliveries and production continue standard operations

Published on March 23rd, 2020

We are monitoring the spread of COVID-19 closely in our Leadership Group. We have taken numerous actions to enhance and promote hygiene and social distancing at our workplace. Significant number of our staff work from home and we have canceled or moved online all of our meetings with over 5 people until the end of May.

Relating to our customer commitments and promises our production is one of, if not the most, critical aspect of operations at VILPE. At the moment our production and warehouse are operating at full capacity with numerous precautions taken to limit the potential spread of COVID-19. Our production staff have been instructed to stay at home whenever even the slightest flu-like symptoms present themselves. In addition, we have also loosened our procedures relating to sick days to avoid any unnecessary strain on the healthcare system. Because of this, we are experiencing a higher-than-usual amount of sick leaves in our production, but for the time being we are managing to fulfill our commitments. The safety and well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance to us.

We source components globally and have pre-emptively increased our stock levels in critical components to avoid any disruptions to our commitments. However, as the situation keeps deteriorating, more and more components are affected and at some point, this can cause disruptions to our operations. Logistics companies have also announced numerous changes to their regular services and pricing which can also have an effect on our operations. Right now, we are still operating according to our regular delivery schedules and procedures, but we cannot unfortunately guarantee that there won’t be delays in the deliveries along the logistics chain. Our sales will be in contact with you, whenever possible, relating to the challenging logistics situation.

As our headquarters and production facility are located in Vaasa, Finland, we are following all the recommendations and instructions provided by the Finnish governmental and health officials in addition to local guidelines provided by the experts. In recent days, there have been discussions about stricter limitations on the movement of people in Finland. Should there be a shelter-at-home guidance from the government, we will in all likelihood have to cease our regular operations for some time. Therefore, we recommend moving any critical and important deliveries to an earlier date whenever possible. Please contact our sales regarding these matters.

The health and safety of our organization is our number one priority. However, our commitments to our customers and partners in addition to the financial security of our workforce, are highly important concerns to us as well. Due to these reasons, we are operating as described above. We also want to do what we can on a more general level to lessen the impact of this crisis. Therefore, we are in ongoing discussion with the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland about harnessing some of our product development and production resources to provide critical components to the healthcare and other industries which have been affected by this global crisis.

Tuomas Saikkonen