The values of VILPE steer all of the company's activities. Moreover, they describe the company's moral standing and issues it believes to be important. It is therefore vital to implement these values throughout the company in such a manner that they are reflected in all its activities.


Environmental friendliness

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental factors behind all of VILPE's activities. All company products are manufactured from chemically neutral, recyclable polypropylene. The management system of VILPE has been evaluated and the company has been certified with the SGS ISO 14001:2004-environmental standard. The certificate covers the development, design, manufacturing and sales of the VILPE®-products.


VILPE delivers its obligations; these responsibilities encompass due attention and respect towards all stakeholders and partners. They also refer to social responsibility, and VILPE actively contributes to positive development in its area of operation.


Self-confidence is the starting point for success. We call it courage. It does not mean blind self-confidence, but that we believe in our people and our ideas. We need courage to bring new solutions to the market because we always want to be a pioneer in product development.


VILPE is in the front line of product development. Fostering an innovative atmosphere and conducting innovative product development are ways of ensuring VILPE will be able to offer the best, most well-functioning building solutions in the future. Innovation also leads to new solutions and, consequently, better customer service. However, innovation is not a value in itself; it is always based on the desire to create new, better products and services for VILPE's stakeholders.


VILPE conducts business openly, complies with all applicable laws and respects different cultures. Openness is a guarantee of honesty and reliability towards stakeholders. Openness also refers to actions taken within the company to provide employees with an open, honest workplace spirit.

Green Building




This vision crystallises VILPE Oy´s intent: Our vision is to achieve a 20 percent sustainable growth rate by 2020 with new customer-centric solutions. For new products, ie products launched in 2016 or later, the share of our net sales is 20 per cent in 2020.


Building the Future



The growth of VILPE can be attributed to unique, innovative products and motivated, skilled staff. The company aims to continuously develop its practices to enable future growth. A clear strategy is the key to continuous development and success.


In Finland, the key focus areas for the next few years include developing sales organisation and establishing even better relationships with various stakeholders. Moreover, an increasing amount of resources will be invested in exports in order to guarantee growth despite the economic cycles prevalent in Finland. The most important export markets in the near future are Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Central Europe.


VILPE invests extensively in the continuous development of environmental friendliness throughout the organisation. The company also strives to enhance its sales and marketing activities in pursuit of increasingly customer-oriented service. This determined quality development work resulted in the ISO 9001 quality certification in 2013, and the company will continue to further enhance the quality of its products and operations in the future.

Building Fair