VILPE Oy, which was previously known as SK Tuote Oy, was founded in 1975 and its whole business is derived from a fastening invention which made the fastening of insulation boards to flat roofs possible. This invention was named “sienikiinnike” (mushroom-shaped fastener), which is also the origin of the letters ‘SK’ in the company name. From the beginning, the business idea of SK Tuote has been to develop and manufacture roofing supplies that cater to the needs of modern day construction. For four decades, the company's operations have relied on its innovative, customer-oriented product development. This has resulted in a wide range of top-quality products for various building and roof types, including more than 30 patented solutions.

1970s Back in the 1970s, when SK Tuote started, the use of plastic in construction was still very rare and people were suspicious rather than excited about it. In spite of this, SK Tuote was the first company to start the production of plastic insulation board fasteners in the Nordic countries. Production was initially based on subcontracting, and the company employed less than ten people.


1980s In 1980 SK Tuote started to produce fasteners for single-family houses and in the same year the company also started exporting. The company's business changed significantly in 1983, when it established a plastic injection moulding factory to manufacture its own products. The production of pass-throughs for high-pitched roofs started in 1984, and ventilation pipes were added to the product range in the mid-1980s. The VILPE® brand was created in 1988 to market the product family; VILPE® is an abbreviation of the Finnish words for drain (Viemäri), ventilation (Ilmanvaihto), range hood (Liesituuletin), and exhaust pipe (Poistoputki) Element. This marked the systematic manufacture of new pass-throughs. At the end of the 1980s, the company offered products for both flat roofs and high-pitched roofs.


1990s In 1990 SK Tuote started to manufacture roof fans, and it was the first company in Europe to introduce an entirely plastic roof fan. The decade was marked by challenging economic conditions, which led to a steep decrease in construction. However, an upward turn took place in 1995, which also marked the start of new growth for SK Tuote. At the end of the 1990s, SK Tuote had approximately 40 employees.


2000s In the 21st century, SK Tuote open-mindedly developed all-new solutions for construction needs, such as trapdoors, ventilation poles, and pass-throughs for solar thermal collector pipes and round chimneys. The company invested strongly in exports to Russia. It opened a sales representative office in Moscow in 2004 and established the independent company SK Tuote Rus in St. Petersburg in 2009.


2010s SK Tuote stands tall on its solid foundation of innovative product development, in-house production, high quality, professional staff, and solid partnerships. Current construction trends and internationalisation prospects pose both challenges and opportunities; in 2013, for instance, SK Tuote was the first company in Europe to launch the energy-efficient VILPE® ECo roof fan made of plastic. SK Tuote is the clear leader of the exhaust pipe and small roof fan markets in Finland. The company has daughter companies in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and the Baltics. The Russian SK Tuote Rus has offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. The number of employees has remained around 115.

In 2018, SK Tuote Oy officially changed its corporate name to VILPE Oy. The products had long been marketed under the brand VILPE® and the corporate name was changed in order to facilitate the association of the VILPE® brand with the manufacturer.


Future? VILPE is a modern, developing Finnish construction industry company. What is the secret of its success? – We are ready to tackle challenges encountered in the construction industry, as passionately today as in 1975, and we can hardly wait to see what kinds of opportunities tomorrow brings. We will continue and further reinforce the success story of four decades, relying on our proven foundation whilst keeping an open mind.

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