The MIPS value shows the environmental impact of VILPE® products

Environmental friendliness is one of our core values at VILPE. One of the things we do in order to control and reduce the negative environmental impact of our products is to calculate their MIPS values (Material Input per Service Unit). The MIPS value reveals how much natural resources (“material”) is needed to produce a specific product.   


MIPS is calculated in the following manner. ”The total material input, i.e. natural resources, that are spent during the lifetime of the product (MI) is divided with the total service units (S) produced during the product lifetime. The product of this calculation is the material input per service unit. For example, the service unit of a piece of furniture can be defined as the lifetime of the piece of furniture in years and the service unit of a car can be defined as the total driven kilometers during the lifetime of that car.” We calculated the MIPS value for some of our roof fans and the service unit was defined as the amount of extract air.


More specifically, the MIPS value measures the environmental efficiency and material productivity of a product, taking into account its environmental impact during its whole lifetime. The lower the MIPS value, the fewer material resources is used. MIPS has been used in research projects, such as FIN-MIPS Domestic, in order to calculate the environmental efficiency of domestic products. The main funder of this project is The Ministry of the Environment in Finland and The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) leads and executes the project. 

We calculated the MIPS value for our roof fan VILPE® ECO190S/Ø125 (product number 737512) and found that it is 27 percent more environmentally efficient than a similar product on the market. The MIPS value of the roof fan VILPE® ECO190S/Ø125 was 1,05725E-06 and the MIPS value of the similar product was 1,45362E-06. Here you can read more about how the calculation was done. (PDF-link)

Calculating the MIPS values of our products have helped us at VILPE to understand which factors to consider during the product development phase, in order to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible.  

At VILPE, we take our environmental responsibility seriously and every builder can trust that VILPE® is the responsible product choice.    


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