In 1988, SK Tuote decided to expand its product range to include other roof supplies in addition to fasteners. (VILPE Oy's corporate name was originally SK Tuote Oy). This marked the creation of VILPE®. VILPE® comes from the Finnish words for drain (Viemäri), ventilation (Ilmanvaihto), range hood (Liesituuletin), and exhaust pipe (Poistoputki) Element. The name reflects a novel way to provide simple, quick solutions to problems in modern construction related to all roof types. From the start, the basic values of the VILPE® product family have been reliability, easy installation and durability in all conditions.


The VILPE® family comprises a wide range of exhaust ventilation products and accessories for all roof types. VILPE® exhaust ventilation products guarantee fresh air and ensure the longevity of constructions.  Clean, healthy indoor air can’t always be taken for granted, and ensuring good indoor air quality is not a major investment when compared with its benefits: healthy living and good preservation of the house's value. VILPE® products help resolve issues related to ventilation and the prevention of mould and radon gas accumulation.


VILPE® pass-throughs, exhaust ventilation pipes, and roof fans are available for all roof types and pitches, as well as in different colours. VILPE has been developing innovative new roof products since 1976, which means that it has over 40 years of experience in its field. All products are designed to withstand the tough demands of the Nordic climate, and are certified in order to guarantee that our customers and end users can rely on their quality and compliance with all European regulations. We offer our VILPE® products a technical guarantee of 20 years and a colour guarantee of 10 years, plus a two-year guarantee for all electrical components. Read more about the certificates and our commitment to quality in the Certificates section.


VILPE offers the widest range of fasteners in Europe. Our selection of fasteners covers all fastening underlayings, from concrete to steel. Every model of fasteners manufactured by VILPE is type approved in demanding tests by the Norwegian Building Research Institute. Since 2014, fasteners have also been included in the VILPE® product family.


Today, VILPE® is one of the most highly valued brands in the Nordic construction industry, and VILPE is committed to the high quality, durability and easy installation of all our products. Our customer oriented product development also enables us to listen to our customers in order to respond to the future challenges of construction, allowing us to continuously introduce new and innovative products to the market.

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