VILPE Oy - In second generation


Family owned VILPE Oy (previously SK Tuote Oy) is the leading development and manufacturing company of fasteners and speciality roof products in Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic countries. The quality solutions are known from their VILPE®-brand. Our products improve the housing quality, ensure fresh indoor air, reduce health risks and prolong the lifespan of the structure.


Working in the field for almost 40 years, our company has established a sizable market share in most countries along the Baltic Sea, in addition to our home market in Finland. In all, we are providing our cost efficient and customer oriented services in 30 countries. At this time, we employ over 90 people. Our headquarters are located in Mustasaari, Finland. Other locations are Espoo (Finland), Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Sweden.


We believe in the Finnish quality of production and the tenacity of family business. We want long-term customers and partners, with whom we could further develop our processes. Yet we also believe in relevance of the global market and the possibilities therein. Because of this, we already operate in ten locations around Europe and Russia and are constantly looking for more opportunities to expand our connections. Our company began with innovation and we retain this innovative attitude in the daily approach to our products and services.


Our goal is to be the leading company in our field as well as a respected partner. We do not think ourselves to be perfect, and are therefore able to improve in our action, continuing to introduce new innovations to our products and services as well as develop our organizational structure. We refuse to sit on our haunches and are instead constantly looking toward new challenges. An example of this is our recent achieving of the ISO 14001-environmental standard, allowing our partners to be certain that our actions are environmentally sound. In future we will continue to accept new challenges with the same curiosity, interest and innovation as we already did 40 years ago.


Tuomas Saikkonen

Member of the Board