Privacy policy

Section 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)
Section 7 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in 
Electronic Communications


1. Controller

SK Tuote Oy (0558172-1)
Kauppatie 9, 65610 Mustasaari
Sales and technical support tel. +358 20 123 3233

2. Contact person in data file -related matters

SK Tuote Oy
Sales Director Tuomas Saikkonen
Kauppatie 9, 65610 Mustasaari
Tel. +358 20 123 3284

3. Name of the data file

Customer register of SK Tuote Oy.

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of this register is to provide an application to users, as well as to develop the application and improve the customer service on the basis of information collected in the application. Delivery of a warranty certificate confirming the extended warranty by e-mail to the party installing the products and that party’s customer. Improving the availability of information related to VILPE® products registered using the application and helping the person installing the products. Furthermore, personal data is collected for the purpose of managing customer and partner relationships. The information is also used for managing contacts or equivalent information concerning the internet pages of SK Tuote Oy and the services associated with them. The information may also be used for other business activities, such as for communications implemented in order to improve service.

5. Data content of the file

General identification details and basic information are entered in the corporate information system of SK Tuote Oy:

•    Date and time of registration
•    Name of the company or organisation
•    Business ID
•    The company’s field of business
•    The company’s street address
•    The company’s postcode and post office
•    The person’s name
•    The person’s e-main address

•    Equipment model
•    Equipment series
•    Serial number of the equipment

•    Installation site
•    Cover material
•    Intended use
•    Street address of the installation site
•    Postcode and post office of the installation site
•    Contact person for the installation site
•    E-mail address of the installation site

•    Any other contact details associated with the company or the installation site

6. Regular sources of data

Personal data is collected during the customer relationship, as well as during the work performed for possibly creating a customer relationship. Data may be collected and supplemented with the consent of the person concerned (e.g. by using cookies), from the Population Register and from other third-party registers. Data may also be collected in connection to various marketing activities, such as events.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data

Data will not be disclosed.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

The data in the customer register of SK Tuote Oy will not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Principles of securing the data file

A. Manual material
Kept in a place where access is restricted to designated persons.

B. Electronically recorded data
The personnel of SK Tuote Oy and external persons acting on its behalf who participate in processing the data are bound by an obligation of confidentiality regarding all customer data. Access to the data file is protected by usernames, passwords and access rights.

10. Right to inspect

The customers and partners of SK Tuote Oy have the right to inspect the data concerning them.

11. Right to demand rectification of the data

The customers of SK Tuote Oy have the right to demand the correction of incorrect data, the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing or similar purposes and to otherwise invoke their rights under the Personal Data Act.

The inspection request shall be sent to SK Tuote Oy by signed e-mail or signed letter, addressed using the contact details set out in section 2. The data can also be inspected by visiting the head office of SK Tuote Oy, where the visitor has to prove his/her identity.
Contact details are updated, using a secured connection provided by the application service provider.

12. Cookies

SK Tuote Oy uses cookies in its website. Their purpose is to identify frequent visitors to the site, make logging in easier and to produce compiled information on the visitors.

The cookies do not harm the users’ computers or files. SK Tuote Oy uses cookies in order to provide its customers with information and services compliant with their needs.

If the user of the website does not want SK Tuote Oy to obtain the above information with cookies, most browser programs have the option of switching cookies off.

The cookies are necessary for the appropriate operation of certain web pages and services of SK Tuote Oy.

13. Third-party cookies - Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics monitoring that allows us to monitor the use of our website in the Google Analytics service. With Google Analytics, Google collects data on the behaviour of visitors at our website, their locations by municipality, their age categories, the technology used and subjects of interest, when available. We do not store this information; instead, it ends up directly in the Google Analytics service where it is only visible to us. The information collected by Google Analytics is totally anonymous, i.e. it cannot be connected to the user’s identity, exact location, postal address or IP address. If you want to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your web behaviour, you can do it by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-onin.